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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting rid of Cricut "Tick Marks"

I decided to post this tutorial because I thought there may be other Cricut users like me who get annoyed with the little "tick marks" that the cricut machine cuts into things like boxes, envelopes and other items that require folding. (These are the little tiny cuts that are meant to show you where to score/fold your projects). I find that frequently, these cuts are a little too obvious and sometimes even tear open when I try to fold. So when I was making all my Easter baskets, I came up with a way to get rid of them, but still have the ability to know where to fold my paper!

Caveat: To do this, you need to have Cricut Design Studio (CDS)!

Step 1: Cut out your design (with the tick marks) on a scrap piece of cardstock paper. This will be your template - so it's best to cut onto something sturdy. Also - since you will be cutting the exact same one later with CDS, it is best to start there and cut your template in CDS in the desired finished size.

Step 2: Using a pointy object (like a paper piercer), carefully "open up" the tick marks on your template so you can fit the tip of a pencil through them:

Step 3: In CDS, go to your original file and right click on each of the tick marks and choose "Hide Selected Contour". As you do this, each of the tick marks should turn a different color, signifying that they will not be cut with the cricut.

Step 4: Cut your design out on the paper/cardstock that you wish to use for your finished product(s). You may want to do a "test cut" on a scrap piece of paper to make sure you hid all the tick marks.

Step 5: Lay your template (with the tick marks) over your "final" project (without the tick marks) lining it up as accurately as possible! (This is where I highly recommend the Basic Gray magnetic precision mat! You can use the heavy-duty magnets to hold your project down and keep it from slipping!).

Note: You should place your final project (on the bottom) wrong side up so that when you mark your tick marks, they wont be visible.

Step 6: Use a pencil to mark through each tick mark on the template:

Step 7: Remove your template, and your should see your tick marks!

Step 8: Use your tick marks to guide where you score/fold:

Step 9: When you are through folding, you may wish to erase your guides if they are too obvious:

Step 10: Assemble your project, and voila! No nasty little cuts in your project! :o)

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