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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doodling is fun!

I had so much fun lifting this scrap technique from Scrappin' Mama, Stephanie! Her advice guided me through the whole thing, so I'll go ahead and post it here, as it worked wonderfully for me:

"The best advice I can give for the doodling is do it imperfect on purpose! Give your lines a little wiggle on purpose, and maybe draw back over a line one or two more times, but not directly on the first one. Just off on either side, as though you were in a really big hurry while trying to thicken the original line. And make sure to slightly cross lines coming from different directions that meet. Hmmm…I try to make my writing somewhere between cursive and print. I guess it looks like I’m just jotting notes as quickly yet legibly as I can. This is about all it takes. I tend to just put the LO’s together the same as anybody else’s but then I feel it needs something, so I just pull out a trusty pen and start throwing outlines around stuff! So, all-in-all my basic advice is to just throw some imperfect lines onto a LO!"

So here is my result in following her great advice! :o)

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