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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Holy Cow! Cricut Carts for $10!!!

I will begin by saying I hate Wal*Mart. It almost takes an act of God to get me to go in there. But today I must swallow my pride and admit that I went there. DH needed some things for his new toy ('74 Bronco) and I reluctantly followed with Monkey in tow. As I cruised around their greatly diminished "craft section" while DH was in the auto section, my keenly developed 6th sense ("scrapper sense") caught sight of something unblievable. I saw the cricut logo... then I saw a clearance label above it that said "$10.00". I thought, "No way!" there must be a mistake! I whipped the shopping cart around (poor Wil almost fell over) and made a beeline as fast as I could for the little green cricut dude, fully expecting a mad rampage of other scrap freaks like me to come out of nowhere and fight me to the death for this amazing deal. There were 2 solutions carts - the Sans Serif and the Basketball. I have no interest in the b-ball, but I quickly whipped up the sans serif font and matched up the bar code to the clearance price. It was no joke! 10 bucks! There were 3 left and I grabbed them all. 1 for me, and one for each of my scrap buddies. I don't know why they were 10 bucks, but I wasn't asking any questions. Not sure if this is a wal-mart wide deal, but it may be worth a trip to your local wally world to find out! (Even if you hate it as bad as I do!) I found them on one of those "end cap" isles thrown in with a bunch of random craft supplies.... but if your 6th sense is as keen as mine is, you should have no problem finding them if they are there. Just "Use the Force...."


  1. Well you may have no interest in bball, but those carts go for $20 on ebay...so you should buy it and resell it and that makes your cart FREE :-). hmmm, how to squeeze a trip to wallyworld today?

  2. I like how Julie thinks! Great deal! And.. this is Noah's favorite blog post.. because of Yoda, of course!

  3. why cant we have walmart over here tut lol im jelous!

  4. Wow! that is almost good enough to make me want to go buy a cricut, lol. Funny, I despise Wal-mart too & would have described it the same way as you.