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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

David's gonna kill me....

... but I couldn't resist!!!

I'm just amazed he kept it on for so long!

Oh and a side story here... the rule on the pacifiers around here is "mee mees only" (Which means only when he's sleeping.) But he always seems to know where one is stashed (I think he has a secret compartment in his room somewhere) and he'll grab one first chance he gets and then he'll RUN. He always thinks it's funny though when I grab it from him and he'll even (sometimes) surrender it willingly. I think it's all just a game to him. But here's the real kicker. You know what he calls the binkie? "Puta". Yep. If you know spanish, then you already get the joke. If not.... well, it's a nasty slang word for a "woman of the night." :o) I, personally, call them his "Chupas" - because in spanish, a pacifier is called a "chupon." (pronounced "choo-pone.") So... "chupa"... "puta"... I guess I can understand how he got it. But it's still funny, and there's your Spanish lesson for the day.

ETA: According to wikipedia, in Roman mythology, Puta was the goddess of pruning vines and bushes. So next time someone calls you a "puta" - you can be flattered... imagine yourself in a Grecian garden swathed in a gorgeous tunic, pruning an olive tree.


  1. ok.. I did know what "puta" meant.. and I guess my mind is in the gutter, because when you said she was the goddess of pruning vines and pushes, I started snickering..... I digress... cute pic of William and I think it's hilarious he calls his paci a "puta"

  2. Cute pic and even cuter story! Have you checked to see if you have a binkie (puta) fairy. My Sister in law swears that's the only possible way my nephew get his hands on the recently forbidden item. After all where's a kid who won't even keep his clothes on going to stash one?

    Thanks for sharing the laugh - Jean

  3. Hi again Vicky Jo,

    I forgot to add - guard this photo with your life. It's going to be great blackmail material in the future - LoL! - Jean